I’m not the first person to point out the word “diet” includes the word “die.” I am not an advocate of diets. Every diet I’ve ever started has only resulted in weight gain, low self-esteem, and precious time lost worrying about food. I have battled food and my weight my entire life. I don’t remember a time, even as a child in grade school, when I wasn’t preoccupied or obsessing about food.

I’ve done high protein, low carb, cabbage soup, phen-fen, maple-syrup, measuring/weighing, fasting, detoxing, you name it. None of it ever worked long term. It wasn’t until I was able to completely sanction all food that I stopped the battle and the anxiety disappeared. Now I eat ONLY when I’m hungry, and I eat ONLY what I’m craving. As a result I have slowly lost weight, and live a much more fulfilled, present life.

I have some great book recommendations on getting out of the diet rut if you’re interested on getting out of the dieting hell. Email me.

So what do I eat? I love greek yogurt, berries, and almonds. That is a perfect meal for me. I love vegetable soups from Mother’s Market. I don’t have much time to cook, so pretty much all of my meals come from Mother’s Market. Two to three nights a week my husband and I will get dinner from their deli counter to go. I love the Mexican tofu!!!

I don’t eat meat, chicken, or pork anymore, and I’m not a huge fish fan either, but I do like calamari and scallops. I’ve never met a cheese plate I haven’t fallen in love with so I definitely do have my food vices.

If I’m craving a cupcake I NEVER deny myself!! I know there’s a reason I need that fix. There’s been way too many occasions where I’ve wasted thousands of calories trying to substitute a cupcake craving with a piece of fruit, organic peanut butter, biscotti, sugar free lattes, gum, etc. when really if I had just had the stinking cupcake in the first place I would have quenched my craving, been done with it, and saved all the time and excess.

On some days I’ll be a little heavier on protein or low on vegetables, but if I go strictly with what I’m hungering for and not with what I “think” I should be eating I know in the end I’ll I definitely look at my week’s intake of food, and see it balanced. I actually have days where I just have to munch on raw broccoli and cauliflower spears!! I cry out for them!!


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