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October 10th 2011

it’s that time of year! my favorite time of year. time to get the body back in its natural flow, time to get the muck and the mire out, and the green and goodness in.

it’s time to ritual cleanse.

delivered directly to your doorstep, ritual cleanse is a unique daily, organic juice cleanse designed to reset your body by “flooding the cells with vitamins and minerals that gently cleanse and detox your body without the harsh symptoms associated with other cleanses.”

although you may customize days and juices, hunkiest and i always go for the 3 day cleanse. we feel three days gives us the best benefits for the body {his sugar addictions} and for the mind {my food obsessions}.

the mental clarity and mood lifting are my favorite remnants of ritual cleanse.

because we both workout so much we opt for the extra pre & post shred juices.

we’re silly excited over the seasonal juice of pear ginger. YUM!!!

already, he’s done with his green-lemon of the day.

i love everything about this company. their bottles are all biodegradable. so are their delivery bags which i now predominantly use as my grocery bags {and to be honest sometimes my purse}. the cold packs used to keep the juices cool also are non-toxic and re-usable.

i have to emphasize the organic, raw nature of these juices; pure, unadulterated fruits and vegetables only!!

there are other juice companies promoting similar cleanses, but ritual cleanse is the ONLY one in town with 100% organic produce.

side note, if you ever want to buy single juices {like me}, villa pilates and yoga sells them. you can come, take a class with me, and share a ritual cleanse juice after!

i pretty much spend my paycheck on ritual cleanses and stuff in the cute boutique at villa pilates and yoga. {worth every penny.}

this is not lip service m’loves. i’m an addict for these juices. please feel free to message me if you’re thinking about the cleanse, but a bit hesitant because it may be a new adventure for you.

healthy monday to you!


keen on quinoa

April 25th 2011

saturday, i stumbled on this visual bouquet of blogosphere sweet.

always a sucker for quinoa, a video tutorial was just the inspiration i needed to get my stove out its dusty doldrums.

quinoa {pronounced keen-wah} is known as a ‘super food’.

a favorite among vegetarians for its high protein and 8 amino acid content, a favorite among masses for its delicious taste and versatility.

high in fiber, quinoa scores very low on the glycemic index, provides 30% of daily magnesium {good for migraine sufferers and digestive disorders}, supplies 20% of daily folate, 15% iron, 18% copper {good for cell tissue rejuvenation and helps to fight infections}, 28% phosphorous {bone health}, and 60% manganese {free radical fighter}.

quinoa is also gluten and wheat free.

a ‘super’ food indeed.

happy cooking m’loves.


keep the party rockin’

May 17th 2010

so post ritual cleanse i felt so razzle-dazzle amazing, i was damned silly if  i was going to revert back to my old ways of an i.v. starbucks drip and susiecakes vanilla-vanilla seeing me through my exhausting schedule.

determined to keep my body (or as i now call it: my temple of health and wellness…yes, i’ve also become quite the pompass ass with all this energy and new found health); determined to keep my body free from as much crap (sugar, caffeine, dairy, alcohol, processed and enriched foods) as possible; i’ve made a concerted effort to eat/buy organic foods in their purest forms.

for example my newest ritual every monday is my “prisoner’s soup”. my friend alexei came up with name because she saw what was going into it, NOT because she tasted it. it’s too delicious for me to share.

prisoner’s soup consists of any organic vegetables i see at the market that are fresh, low glycemic, and easy for me to prepare. typically i buy celery, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, kale, and maybe carrots if i’m craving sweet. it really depends on what’s in the market.

always basil. i don’t even chop it. just pick the leaves off the stems and throw them in. this tastes even better when the basil actually comes from your backyard plant.

i always buy crushed tomatoes with basil and low sodium vegetable broth> all organic: 3 cans and 3 cartons.

chop! chop!

dice! dice!

i throw it all in at once. i know martha stewart’s keeling over somewhere in bridgeport as she reads this, but this is how i cook. i don’t have a ton of time. it all ends up together in the end so my theory is have them all make friends right from the beginning. i can’t partake in the type of cooking that involves: sauteing the celery for 5 min, then browning  1/4 mushrooms till soggy, then add 1/2 can tomatoes, wait 20 minutes, add 1/3 of the broccoli, saute, rinse, repeat, lather again)…no thanks.

i let the whole thing simmer on the stove for about an hour or so. {i usually get my episodes of nurse jackie and united states of tara in at this time: can you say three birds, one stone, preferably flawless emerald cut?}

prisoner’s soup comes out uber flavorful, zesty, and most importantly tasty. it’s super satisfying, crunchy in the good places, creamy in others. i’m a sucker for soups in the first place. but there’s something so elating about making it yourself with fresh ingredients without any added junk. i eat this soup and i can feel myself get healthier. that whole mind over matter yippy-yap actually taking place in my mouth.

“prisoner’s soup”?  yeah, if betty effin crocker was your warden!!

the great thing is this soup lasts up to three days. i can throw it into a sigg bottle the next day and sip the broth all day long. talk about sustained enegry.

hh can take it to work in a tupperware container and have a very filling and nutritious lunch too.

also, it’s so inexpensive.

see the girl can cook?

any easy recipes you guys can share?

DIEt foods

February 1st 2010

fitness magazine came out with a great article on the top ten DIET foods that make you fat. i agree with all of these, but #3, “trail mix,” makes my blood boil. mainly because i have repeatedly fallen for a pretty label suggesting more energy, less fatigue, satiety, cuter clothes….well, you get the idea. only to be completely duped, and realize i’ve consumed a ton of calories and fat, and even more chemicals than a bottle of nail polish.

the fact that trail mix is still touted/sold as a health food is blasphemous. the crap in most pre-made trail mix is incredibly bad for you. most sugar-coat the dried fruit, add pretzels AND crackers!? which, twenty minutes post consumption, would render me on a park bench waiting for the wake-up fairy.

the nuts (often roasted in hydrogenated oils) are typically saltier than a margarita rim. even-more, flour and more sugar are often added as well. they may also contain other unhealthy additives, coloring, artificial flavorings, or preservatives.

BUT when packaged so pretty and innocent looking, one i can easily be beguiled into buying these compact, high-caloric bundles of malice.

these bags even have fitness endeavors right there on the damn label; leering consumers myself into a purchase. because i’m a sucker for all things purple, green and shiny, purchase i did (completely eschewing my instinct to first look at the label); then eating my “mix” along my  “trail” of bamboo floors, traversing yoga mats and spin bikes throughout the rest of my day.

i couldn’t even finish the package. the saltiness was beyond anything i could handle.  i might as well have I.V.’d a bag of soy sauce into my arm for the amount of salt in one tiny package. the berries (?) resembled former 90210 actresses:  dried up, has-been fruit, shriveled and sparse. powdered sugar their concealer, an effort to bring back days of juiciness and squirt.

since i wasn’t going to finish the bag, i decided to finally look at the label; to really feel like a doofus.

UGH!!!! sick! sick! sick! high sodium, high sugar, hydrogenated oils, and this bitty sack had over 500 calories. the taste??!??! bleh. if i’m going to use 500 calories i’m sure not wasting it on something that makes my mouth taste like the bottom of a salty, sandy foot.

so maddening, this trash they sell as “healthy”!??!?!

i’d almost feel better telling you to actually go out on a real trail, and pick edible items from your path rather than eat some of this pre-packaged junk.

{ COMMON SENSE DISCLAIMER:  i am in no way shape or form endorsing anyone to really eat rocks, branches and dirt…..if this isn’t obvious to you, here’s a better website}

from now on i make my own trail mix. it’s delicious, cheaper, and so much healthier.

here’s what i do so i’m not tempted to waste my money and health on those “convenience” mixes offered everywhere (hint: starbucks, peets, etc.)

i make my own homemade trail mix from the bulk bins at mother’s market. it’s cheaper, healthier, tastier, and so much more convenient.

here’s this week’s mix: my current favorite.

i buy raw organic walnuts in mass quantities.

i buy dried organic gogi berries.

i dole them out into very tiny cups.

i mix them together in a portable 1/2 cup tupperware i carry in my bag.

notice my handful. that is 1 serving. i have one handful every 1 -2 hours only. that’s it!!

these Glad tupperwares are great because they last for years, and carry about 4-5 servings of a homemade trail mix.

yes, i know it’s not rocket science, but sometimes i forget simple is the best way to go. in this case too: less is more=tastes better.

don’t get me wrong, i change up my combos all the time. i LOVE LOVE LOVE raw almonds, but i know i need more omega-3’s and walnuts are low in the glycemic index ( i CANNOT eat anything that will get me crashing).

dried pineapple rings get me doing back-flips they’re so delicious. as are macadamia nuts (but those suckers take up a lot of space in my damn little glad tupperware, so i’m usually limited to 5).

can you suggest any good combos for me?

last but not least readers!! the winner of the box of ‘chews better’ candy is……………

mrs diana musial!!! congratulations diana!!! you won!! you won!! email me your address so i can get these right out to you asap!

thanks for all the other readers. please stay tuned. we have a VERY glamourous giveaway coming up this week.

lots of love,



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