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Bars on the Run

January 5th 2010

i’m always on the go. i can’t remember the last time i sat down for lunch or breakfast. also big, heavy meals often make me sluggish and sleepy. the exact opposite of what my students and clients want from me when they come to class. i rely heavily on snack bars. there are hundreds out there to choose from. many are loaded with sugar. in fact, some of the “snack bars” out there are so sweet and laden with splurge worthy ingredients i actually will have them as dessert or save them for a food spree. here are a few of my favorite  healthy go-to bars that get me through the day.

all of these bars, mrs mays ultimate crunch bar, raw crunch bar, and pure bar are low in sugar, high in fiber,  high protein, non-dairy, vegan, gluten-free and most importantly, they’re all delicious. raw crunch bar and pure bar are also organic and you guessed it, raw, meaning they are uncooked and unprocessed to protect the quality of crucial antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

do you have any favorite bars that i need to try?

happy monday

January 4th 2010

happy monday friends. here we are in twenty-ten. what’s on your mind? are you going to start hitting it hard back at the gym this week? or are you swamped with work missed from days off spent eating and drinking with friends and family?

are you feeling optimistic and pumped? or are you already feeling defeated and discouraged? the worst thing you can do is panic and do nothing. start small, stay steady. you’d be surprised how significant and empowering modest, consistent changes can be.

ask yourself the following types of questions: do you really need a large latte every time? a frappucino is pretty much dessert anyway, if it’s missing whipped cream will it suddenly taste like a celery stick? do you really enjoy the roll that comes with the salad you order for lunch? does cheese make THAT much difference on your sandwich? or what about those side fries? hmmm, french fries seem to accessorize just about everything these days. yes, they’re delicious!! BUT, are you really hungry for THEM? hungry (as in you’re lightheaded and having a hard time concentrating) and only the fries on the side will make the madness stop? seriously if that’s the case just order the damn fries on their own, and eat only them for lunch/dinner. if you’re still hungry have some fruit, a small salad, a low-calorie snack bar, or a yogurt. but think really hard about how you feel after eating fries and a burger/sandwich; i can conjure many a post potato binge memory of slumping down in my chair, deep fried with fatigue, wishing for an elastic waistband, conversation ceased by carb coma, ruing the decision of fries on the side.

these little decisions add up to big changes over the year.

love, katie

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The Celebrity Workout – Fitness Magazine

January 2nd 2010

i know you can’t always come play with us in class, but i found some moves very similar to what we do in coreplay on the internet this weekend here courtesy of fitness magazine. click the bottom link and move your body for a 8 segments of fun body blasting fun. do the thigh dancing series twice to get yourself nice and ready for when you come party with us live!!!

love, katie


the party’s over

January 1st 2010

i may have partook in one too many palomas last night. i keep rechecking the bed to make sure it’s not a sailboat i’m trying to sleep on.

days like these the best remedy for me is a nice, brisk walk with my 3 golden beasts, and a cup of ginger tea. i’m not hungry so i won’t eat until i feel the urge. then i’ll most likely have some greek yogurt, raspberries and more tea. usually, this combination of fresh air, ginger, protein and fiber help stabilize my blood sugar and get me clear eyed and clear headed.

what are your post party remedies?

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