girl crush: alexis schulze

August 20th 2015

thursday happy to you m’loves!

it’s girl-crush time.

you know all of those nektar juices you’re addicted to?

well today we have the {beautiful} face behind the nektar craze.

alexis schulze, co-creator with her husband steve, of nektar juice, a company just named one of the top 5000 fastest growing in america, graciously took the time to stop by coreplay, to let us crush on her.

sweet as pie, and as pretty as its peach filling, alexis is never without a smile or a friendly “hello.

even before i had met her {i of course knew who she was–she’s LIKE totally famous}–she was always so nice to me and welcoming.

let’s get to know this lovely lady:

lexibear (1 of 1)

alexis, tell us a bit about yourself and how you manage this full life of yours {married to steve, {2} boys, + your juice empire.}

i think of myself as that girl in the circus balancing on a ball. she might look like she has it all together, but inside she’s freaking out! i juggle a business {i was always a teacher,} a typical busy, family life, and try to maintain my obsession with working out. my passion besides all of this is probably food. i love food…..


 name 5 bottom-of -the-jar products?

 for my face- arcona has a great line that i have been using on my sensitive, 41-year-old skin for probably 9 years now. my staples are magic white ice, a moisturizer, the solution– a nighttime repairing serum, and the vitamin A complex-a retinol formula for firming and clarity. my newest find is a natural deodorant that {so far} seems to be top notch- nourish organics {berry and fig smell yummy} and their argan butter- which is a mix of argan oil and shea butter, so it’s like butter cream on my dry sensitive skin! and not quite as hippie dippie is my oribe foundation mist. that stuff can fix my post-workout pony tail line that has ruined me for decades…always an obvious tell that i didn’t wash my hair…… UNTIL NOW!! {insert evil laugh here.}


who is your style icon and why?

i have to say jessica alba- she’s sexy and classy, and she’s just gorgeous!

molly sims is another one.

i think i am drawn to how real they are; they seem like peeps i would hang out with.


what is your summer fashion, must-have item?

i am queen of the ROMPER! less thinking about what goes with what; throw it on with a great shoe and some fun jewelry! voila! even i can look put together that way!

 {1} {2} {3}


what is your favorite smell?

cookies baking in the oven and my boys fresh from the shower!


how do you define luxury?

an incredible bottle of wine, sitting outside somewhere beautiful.


what’s the last book you read and loved?

the nightingale was one that stuck with me.


what are your vices?

wine, cheese, more wine! not so original in that one!


finish the sentence….i can never leave the house without:

clothes? haha! ok, seriously….. probably a pedicure.

what advice would you give your 25-year-old self?

stop being so critical and don’t compare yourself to anyone else, just own what you have.


what does your ideal 2 weeks off look like?

a perfect mix of exploration and relaxation. traveling somewhere i have not been, and adding a little adventure, some sightseeing and a lot of food and wine!


give me your 5 deserted island items….people and things?

is it bad to NOT bring my kids? i mean, kinda selfish, but i would want them..although i know they would whine the whole time killing my relaxing vibe. so maybe not! being politically correct i should say my husband, but he’s not very handy, and i think charlie hunnam seems to me like he could build us a house and whatever else i needed. a coco jack– that way i could drink a lot of coconut water and stay hydrated. a phone to call my kids and husband {just to check in because i wouldn’t actually want to leave charlie all alone,} a kindle to read {assuming i had a lot of books already downloaded,} and a good pair of shoes for hiking.

what is your idea of perfect happiness?

i think i just described it above….:)

ok really. finding balance, real and honest friendships, and the ability to spend quality time with those i love. oh and if cellulite didn’t exist!


 family members excluded what is your most prized possession?

family excluded…..well, i am not really into things…i think as unglamorous as it sounds my night guard..keeps me from having migraines…and that is pretty prized.

 in what historical era would you most like to have lived?

i am fascinated by the WWII era, but i’m not sure i’d want to live then.


 what are your favorite things about living in southern california?

the weather! growing up in arizona it’s really nice to not melt when you walk outside.


 what are your least favorite things about southern california?

being far from family and how perfect everyone looks is…kinda hard on us perfectionist, aging women!

thank you alexis for letting us crush on you today, and giving us a glimpse into your life—you are sweet as nektar!

happy shiny FACES….

August 17th 2015


i should just end this post, right here, with: “you’re welcome.”

{mic drop}

{shuffle, ball-change…..exit stage left}

but the 50% irish catholic in me is compelled to confess all that i know.

so here it goes:

i give you vasanti facial cleanser–truly a game changer in my ongoing endeavor for complexion renovation; an evolving enterprise of mine since the age of eleven when i was made to believe beautiful skin could be a breeze with sea breeze.—i’m still re-moisturizing from those days.

this is not just for girls, so men listen up–because even the boys could use a little pore-refining.

the vasanti facial cleanser washes, illuminates, and exfoliates the skin like no other product i’ve used {save for an S.O.S. pad. but that resulted in stitches.}

one tube should last at least 6 months; which is a bargain at $34.00.

and not only will your face be fancy, your conscience will be clear knowing vasanti products are all vegan, cruelty-free + paraben-free.

let me know what you think.

monday-happy-shiny to you LOVEBUGS!!!

it’s FRIDAY, i’m in LOVE

August 14th 2015

tgif (1 of 1)

friday happy to you m’loves!

no, you’re not still tripping on last night’s portobello mushroom, i’m back for the second time this week.

i feel like i’m finally emerging from my self-ensconced, post-natal lair.

leaving the house for life outside of work and when the coffee runs out, is starting to happen more often.

i’m also resuming my crucial, uninterrupted time with my first girl, my heart, my love–my priscilla.

priscilla LOVES sutton…

case in point:

~a snippet of the hours of footage we have where priscilla watches over a newborn sutton.

she hasn’t left her wee charge since.

jones takes more of a hands-off, night’s watch approach; he guards the house, and minds the perimeter of the property–loving our girl from afar.

i adore these beasts more and more every day…..

here are few other things i’m loving on this fine friday:

tdm (1 of 1)

this week marked my first forray back towards pre-baby fitness.

i’m not looking for a certain number on the scale, or a previous sized pant; what i care most about is how i feel.

i want/need/will pay good money, and/or will perform circus animal tricks for more energy.

i miss moxie in my joints and muscles.

i long for a feeling of spontaneity in my legs, arms and back; rather than the deadweight of a napping, grizzly bear i’m currently carrying in my shoulders, neck, and hip flexors.

the dailey method is my remedy.

it’s no secret the dailey method {TDM} is my favorite barre class.–and yes i’ve even taught for this ice cream sundae of a studio–they are hands down the best barre studio around. no one pays more attention to form, safety, and alignment-you will NOT injure yourself in these classes {if you follow proper instruction and ask for modifications when necessary.}

shannon roberts, just one of the best girls EVER and luckily, my friend, taught the class, and effectively handed my “seat” to me.

i left the studio “liftedtoned, and stretched.”

there are currently 56 dailey method studios globally- i encourage you to try one out.

and if you don’t have a studio nearby…you can always purchase or stream their workouts


now on to my favorite subject: food.

i’ve been living off these two soups from trader joes: the organic creamy asparagus soup + the organic roasted tomatillo gazpacho; both are vegan, filling, and delicious.

i’m not sure how the asparagus soup is dairy free; it’s as creamy-tasting as cupcake frosting, but without costume change into waistband-free, sweat pants.

and although the gazpacho says to eat “chilled,” i heat it up nonetheless.

if i wanted it cold, i’d serve it over tortilla chips with melted cheese and call it “salsa.”

—chilled soup!??!?!—so stupid!!!!!


and this could be my most favorite find of the year!

method PURE NAKED moisturizing body wash is the only grocery store/target/drugstore {mainstream consumer brand} body wash i’ve ever found that does not test on animals.

yes, you can buy specialty body washes at the grocery store, etc..but they’re always pricier, and typically available in scents that smell like yoga mats or tuna casserole.

this wash comes in surfside, magnolia {my favorite}, olive leaf {hunkiest’s favorite}, + a white tea scent.

it kills me that people lose their minds over cecil the lion {which deserves the outrage,} but in the next breath/post they’ll laud a company or product that tests on animals–which if you ask me, an entire life locked in a cage, poked, prodded, and poisoned {aka tortured} is still worse than a life spent roaming free in a national park until being mercilessly hunted down one night.

i’m not saying i’m perfect {i’m currently looking to replace my bounce bursts–found out they test on animals}–but, if animal cruelty is something you’re not down with, i believe a quick smartphone google of “cruelty free” the next time you go shopping can collectively make an impact.

now can someone please get me a gondola ride down from my soapbox?


i leave with you some jams for your weekend audio pleasure:

i have to give credit to my friend, my mate in soul and jukebox, john p., for reminding how much i love the paper town’s soundtrack.

there isn’t one bad song on the album {do people still call them albums?}

if i had sam bruno’s “search party” on cassette, the ribbon would already be unraveled from so much play + rewind; i’m apologizing in advance to my classes for the search party overdose.

santigold’s “radio,” kindess’ version of “swinging party,” + alice boman’s heartbreaking “be mine” are my other favorites.

and you…always you m’loves–you of course are my favorites too!!

weekend happy to you….let’s go out having a swinging party shall we?

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high to low: the moisturizer edition

August 11th 2015


hello kittens!

long time no talk, but i’ve been neck deep trying keep this little person o’mine alive and thriving.

every day is a milestone.

each bottle i get her to finish feels like an olympic, gold medal victory.

i throw disneyland-sized parades {complete with their own fireworks} for each diaper change we make it through without crying…both of us not crying…i have to hold myself together too.

motherhood is hard.

but let’s move on to things that really matter:


this post is the love child, birthed from a text conversation i had, yesterday, with my friend, alexei, who asked me for a moisturizer recommendation. “plain, everyday moisturizer, no spf.”

i have lots of them. recommendations…at different price points and for various job descriptions.


my hands down, favorite moisturizer, if money was no object, and baby didn’t need formula, is tata harper’s repairative moisturizer. it’s perfect day or night, and leaves your face feeling and looking dewy. no matter what time of year or climate you’re living in, your skin is rendered silk to the touch. the scent is very farmfreshylet’s put our hair in braids-wear some gingham-and go milk a buck-toothed cow, with a daisy behind her ear. prepare to throw down $100 for this milk-maid skin.


kate somerville daily moisturizer is another higher end price point at $65. it’s a solid, no-nonsense, non-aggravating moisturizer. it promises to deliver anti-aging benefits as well as hydration, but i just really liked the smooth, even finish it gave my skin. this is your ultimate dependable, no-drama, always delivers, got-your-back moisturizer—if you’re more time magazine than usweekly, then this is your product.


weleda wild rose smoothing cream is a favorite of mine–i’ve re-purchased this, sweet-smelling, fuchsia tube many times. i like that it’s easy to tote around in your purse or gym bag. readily available at your local health food stores such as a mothers market, whole foods or sprouts, the rose smoothing cream feels a bit more heavy-duty than some of the others. its rose hip seed oil and peach kernel oil keep skin elastic, but never greasy. i’ve seen this available anywhere from $15-$20. this cream appeals to my inner 1950’s housewife-the one who still wears a housedress and isotoner slippers for my morning coffee-what? it’s a look; the rose scent smells old fashioned and lovely, it slows me down a bit—which, by itself, is a major beauty booster.


i’m a big fan of andalou naturals: an all natural skincare line using fruit stem cell science in the fight against aging; i used their super goji peptide perfecting cream during my pregnancy.

my skin/jowls kept taut even with copious amounts of vomiting. and although it’s a cream, it still didn’t feel heavy on my skin


another day cream i love is acure organics day cream…at around $15 this product is vegan, gluten-free, synthetic fragrance free, silicone free, phthalate free, with fair trade certified ingredients–and yet it still manages to effectively hydrate and improve the appearance of {my} sleep-deprived skin. it has a matte finish with a multi-vitamin worthy cocktail of anti-aging ingredients. i like that i can wear this to the gym and not worry about it burning my eyes if i sweat. sometimes all of the fancy, albeit worthy, ingredients can irritate my eyes and skin when i teach/take a spin class–this cream passes the sweat test.


and for all of you green juice junkies out there, alba botanica oil-free radiance cream is truly your moisturizer!

this product literally has an anti-oxidant, phytonutrient blend of kale, spinach, + swiss chard in its formulation; which also gives the cream a super fresh {i think delicious} “green” scent. the least expensive of all the moisturizers; i bought this at my local drugstore for $8; probably less than most the green juices these days. it’s oil-free and super light on the skin.


ok. i’m sorry but i have to go there. i want to punch myself in the face for being such a cliché, but i cannot lie:

i really DO use coconut oil on my face.

{ducking under my desk so you don’t throw your beer at me.}

the coconut oil fad is real because it works!

i slather my face up in this bullion!

{and then scramble my eggs with the residual stuff that drips off my chin.}

but seriously i dip into this jar of coconut oil {that i bought in what? 2013??} all day long.

sure my face looks greasy for about two minutes. but then i’m a hydrated fool!–and i smell like maui.

 alaffia is my go-to brand…i use their face wash and their body lotion too.–it lasts forever.

i promise i draw the line at coconut oil—you’ll never see me sipping that god awful coconut water {gag me}—if i wanted to drink rancid IV water i have a hospital a block away from me.

so i showed you mine, you show me yours now…what are your favorite go-to moisturizers?

tuesday happy to you  m’loves!!

~as always, all the above brands are cruelty free: no animal testing and no animal products.


Development by Brandi Bernoskie