fallin for pirette

November 2nd 2016


i’m just going to put it out there:

i’m NOT monogamous.

as hard as i try to be a chaste, vestal, celibate girl, when it comes to skin care, i turn into the lewdest, cheating, wanton, dirty whore.

tinted sunscreen, you’re no exception.

this summer i’ve been pretty unsullied in my relationship {S} with my gaggle of go-to’s. they know about each other so it’s no big thing when, one morning, i’ll grab md solar sciences {mamas-i use this on sutton too} when i’m looking for a super matte look; and they’re all super chill if, on the next day, when i’m looking for a “dewier” faced glow {and NO i don’t want to actually sweat for the “Dew”} i’ll opt for cotz sunscreen. 

 so it was no surprise to my coterie of sunblock bettys when i started doing more of my one on one dates with my new find, pirette tinted lotion.

concepted here in newport beach, pirette is a “surf born beauty line” inspired by southern california’s surf culture. one whiff of the coconut oil and zinc oxide blend and i’m 16 years-old again, beach towel to beach towel with my best friends on L-street, listening to cat stevens with an orange julius in my hand, and sunburn on my face i’ll be regretting twenty years later.

i can’t decide it it’s the scent i’m addicted to, or the lotion. does it matter? both are great, i can wear it teaching, it doesn’t burn my eyes and my unrestrained melasma is kept under control.

now i can enjoy the memory without the sunburn, and with a bit of coverage for the “age spots” left by said careless days. the tint is very sheer and remember to shake the bottle well {it can come out goopy.}

pirette is a chemical sunscreen; it is paraben, phthalate and sulfate free. and most importantly, it is vegan and cruelty free!

what are your favorite tinted lotions right now? who is getting your final rose these days?




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