my new ritual

May 3rd 2010

i did it! i cleansed. detoxed. i followed directions.

you have NO idea what a giant feat this is in the life of katie osumi.

when it comes to food, i do not do well with rules, suggestions, and programs (aka diets).

you tell me to eat something, i typically will eat the opposite even if it repels me.

if i’m craving salty french fries, but then someone tells me (in fairytale land) that i must eat salty french fries; cut to me eating sweet lemon meringue pie (my least favorite dessert).

so it is with great shock and pride that i brag share my experience of ritual cleanse.

frustrated with the popular, celebrity endorsed cleanses which often contain non-organic ingredients, additives, pills or “funky powders”; fitness and health enthusiasts, lori kenyon & marra st. clair created a far superior system of cleansing and detoxification. ritual cleanse uses only 100% organic vegetable and fruit juices; organic produce contains 50% more nutrients than crops farmed with pesticides. each day of ritual cleanse one consumes 15 lbs of live, local organic produce; unheard of in any other cleanses out on the market.

ritual cleanse uses the highest quality juicers to extract quadruple the amount of vitamins and minerals than the typical machines used. all of the juice bottles are enso bottles: fully compostable and break down in a landfill within 60 to 90 days. even the cooler delivery bags are made from 100% recycled materials.

but how does the cleanse work, and better yet, how does the damn thing taste?

i will be completely honest. when i agreed to “do” the 3 day ritual cleanse: an 8 juice per day commitment (5 of those juices are bright green with the main ingredients listed as kale and romaine lettuce…….insert loud fearful gulp); i had visions of blending my green mess with bananas, cupcakes, bean and cheese burritos (extra sour cream thank you), and champagne. i would try it,…..of course. i tried jagermeister once too. i woke up vomiting, with a bloody elbow, a missing shoe, and no memory of the my last 10 hours. ah…..third grade was the best.

i was so unprepared to actually like the juices. i’m not a green juice girl. i’m a green sweater, green scarf or green bracelet girl. i’ve never been able to throat down so-called detox drinks.

i don’t know if it’s the apple or the ginger, but this tasted really good. most of my students needed cpr at the sight of me not clawing a coffee mug, but rather sporting a spinach colored concoction into class each day.

let’s not even talk about the ritual reset #6 or post shred #2. i started to crave these like i craved black coffee. these taste like yummy milkshakes. i found myself double checking the ingredients on the lookout for the elusive vanilla ice cream i was tasting. alas, tis not the egg yolks, sugar, and heavy cream i was enjoying, but merely filtered water, raw cashews, agave, vanilla, and cinnamon. delicious!

what did i experience with ritual cleanse? better sleep. more energy (even without my day long i.v. coffee drip), clearer skin, no cravings (other than for cashew juice), weight loss, and a distinct feeling of better health. there’s NO denying what you eat directly impacts how you feel and look.

ritual cleanse is a gentle and healthy way to realign and rebalance one’s metabolism and digestion. this is not a harsh program, but it is ridding your body of toxins. i teach up to 7 classes a day, and i had tons of energy to maintain this load without any negative effects.

the day after my cleanse i had to travel across country for a workshop. my flight pattern resembled a child’s etch-a-sketch design. normally, this type of travel sends me into a fetal position with my thumb in my mouth. yet i felt unbelievably bright-eyed and fine-feathered. armed with my own food so i wouldn’t have to eat on the airplane or in the airport i continued my euphoric high all through the weekend. {luckily where i was going only served healthy fare)

i look in the mirror and see the results of my cleansing. i can actually feel it in my cells. i’m totally empowered to carry that mindset into my eating.

i cannot wait to do it again.

for all of you who’d like to try this fantastic program, ritual cleanse is offering 10% off to all coreplay® readers (yay). simply enter     coreplay      into the coupon code section of your order, and voila:

money saved & health improved.

let me know your thoughts!!


  • Shannon

    Do they have an alternative for those of us allergic to cashews?

  • Stacey Kissam

    Hi Shannon –
    Yes they do. I did the cleanse recently and Lori (one of the owners) customized the juices to take out the items I was allergic to.

    I’ve done it twice now. 2nd time I did 5 days and my husband did 3. It’s fantastic!

  • JG

    Wow love the website– And did you notice that yogi!?!?!?!


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