i really, really, really wanted to…..BUT

February 15th 2010


they’re everywhere these days. people love them  (or so they SAY they love them.. i’m very  suspicious). how can you love something that tastes like a wet matchbox?

is it a half japanese thing that makes the beet in my mouth taste differently in your mouth? what is it that i’m missing that the rest of america is tasting? are you all slyly whispering a password to the waiter when you order your beet salad so that yours tastes magical?

“i’ll have the beet and –alpha corkscrewgoat cheese salad” please.

and the moans and eye rolls back into the head when you eat said secret service salad, just boggles my mind. i DON’T taste that?!

i can appreciate the lure of the pretty colors. i must say that’s what finally drew me in to my beet dish. the magenta and ruby-ness was just too much for this girl to resist. i’m a sucker for ANYTHING pink.

but here i am again, just like i was 25 years ago. eating something because it’s pink, and then wanting to gag. before it was white marshmallow and shredded coconut; today: beets.

i understand the dietary and health benefits. they’re high in fiber, vitamin C, magnesium, and folate, and because of their pigment beets are touted as great colon cancer fighters. wonderful! but, can’t we cover them in frosting to make up for the taste?

i know i’m alone in this community of beet misanthropes. why else would beets be showing up in my salads, pastas, and ice cream?

does anyone else share my aversion?

on another, more positive note, the winner of the fitbook is Steph!!!!! congratulations!!! you are on your way to a fun 12-weeks. i will get that to you ASAP!!!

if you didn’t win, you can still buy your own here.

happy monday everyone!!


  • Cassie

    I cannot do beets! I will not even try a bit. They are wrong!!!!

  • Steph

    I have been drinking green tea all day! Thanks for the reminder :)

  • Danielle

    Actually, sorry girls, I like the beets with ginger at Whole Foods , I just dont like when I prepare them (the same thing happens with the artichoke from Bandera, I love they way they do it but fail every time I try)

  • G

    Beets?! They’re not bad juiced with some apples and such. But the way you feel about beets, I feel about Pop Tarts. I swear it’s the Asian taste buds or something that makes me more sensitive to nasty plastic-tasting strawberry goop between cardboard lined plaster of paris.


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