I Want Candy! I Want Candy!

January 27th 2010

i’m a sucker for candy. when i heard all the buzz about Chews Better, the new candy  that actually won’t kill you which enhances your health; i had to give it a taste.

i was fine and dandy with Chews Better’s nutritional claims:

250 mg of omega  3 (dha & epa)

3 gm of fiber

all natural

100 calorie

but i must say I was a bit suspect of a “delicious and fun-filled” oral experience.

{gutters. your heads. OUT! NOW!}

the strawberry-lemonade flavor I sampled was…..good. tasty. it tastes like a pink starburst. sour and a little bit sweet (much like my teenage years). my dad liked it better than a starburst, said the flavor lasted longer.

delicious? I wouldn’t go that far. fun-filled? how boring is your day?  i “can” envision a couple of my long afternoons where a Chews Better could be the toe-touch in my day.

what i really dig is the nutritional value. even in his snug blue scrubs (tailored tighter in the gluteal area?), and flaxseed up the ying-yang, I bet that dr. oz still has trouble getting in his daily omega-3’s.

what?  you’re now telling us to put chunks of wild organic salmon in our acai shakes, doctor?  pardon me while i puke.

most of us only get 1/5 of our daily omega-3 requirement. this “candy” gets us to 1/3. not excusing you from getting your fish oil on, but i take whatever help i can get.

here’s your chance to try out ‘chews better ‘. i am giving a box (12 packs) of  Chews Better candy to a lucky reader; the pomegranate-acai-blueberry flavored. simply leave me a comment below (no need to be flashy, i just like the company). monday morning (9am pacific standard time) i will draw a winner, and just like me you can have a cleaner intestinal lining, and more spring in your step.

if you can’t wait for the giveaway results, and must have your own you can buy them here.

speaking of giveaways….da da dum da dum……our winner for the brazilian booty workout is:

Di Marcella Thomas!!!

congratulations di!! now, go learn how to program that dvd player!!

if you didn’t win, you can still buy fernanda’s dvd here. remember she is donating one dollar to the haiti recovery effort, for every dvd sold until the end of february.

Happy Weekend.



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