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January 24th 2010




ok, (laying softly to my side so that no part of my “booty?”-i have one now- is touching the couch) that’s better.

i AM sore. and good. it’s day 3 of doing The Brazilian Booty Workout DVD, my dear friend fernanda rocha’s insanely popular class, and i’m already thinking “thong, thong, thong, thong“.

the drop dead gorgeous fernanda (who i’d like to hate, but she’s too stinking nice,  so instead i just kiss her ass so she’ll be friends with me,) has developed a crazy intense, fun and effective workout for all of us to do at home. it’s only 25 minutes long so there’s ZERO excuse to not throw in the DVD, and get a solid sweat and burn.

there are 3 different levels of intensity: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. you have the option of wearing weighted “booty blasters” (available on her website) to increase the resistance of the workout. i did the workout blaster free, and i don’t feel like i slacked because of it. you feel this workout in all my favorite target areas: muffin top, saddle bag, low belly, and bottom of the butt cheek. i loved feeling drenched at the end of 25 minutes. i felt 100% satisfied with my time spent.

the best part of this DVD is the content: it’s no nonsense! the focus is cardio and strength (booty centered). the moves are simple, but are in no way boring. the “brazilian shake”? (giggle) i definitely felt my inner latin goddess shimmy out (drapes drawn of course….there ARE others to consider).

best of all, fernanda is right there with you pushing it to HER limit too. as the intensity picks up you can see her get just as sweaty and worked as you are; she actually gets prettier as it gets harder (finger down my throat in envy). i love workout dvd’s where you can tell the instructor is actually feeling it too; there’s nothing i hate more than “perky-powder fresh- polly,” with her gloss just perfect, telling me in her unhurried, robotic breath to bust out rep 885, when i’m feeling and looking like this:

there’s a reason fernanda has become a top celebrity instructor in southern california. she oozes warmth, love and genuine care for her students. training with fernanda is like drinking shots of goldshlager: you feel yummy beautiful with all the self-confidence in the world; you can do ANYTHING. with fernanda, though, you stay motivated and positive; there’s no waking up puking and regretting all the drunk texts to your ex boyfriend the next morning.

if you haven’t had the opportunity to take one of fernanda’s amazing classes (she is also part of the incredible  RIPPED program) now is your chance. The Brazilian Booty Workout is available here for only $19.99. AND until the end of february fernanda is donating a dollar of every dvd sold to the haiti rescue effort. i told you she was golden!!

as a token of my gratitude to all my new readers i’d like to give one of you a free Brazilian Booty Workout DVD.  i will be drawing, at random, one lucky reader.

1.simply leave me a comment with your name.

2. extra entry if you add me to twitter or  facebook.

i’ll collect the comments until 6pm thursday january 28, 2010. winner will be announced on friday.

make sure you check back on friday to see if you’ve won.

good luck to all.

here’s a preview of the fernanda’s workout:

Brazilian Booty Promo


  • mandy

    thong thong thong thong thong. Looks fantastic!!!! I hurt already.

  • Cheryl

    Looks awesome! I added you on Facebook too :)

  • Andi Bokosky

    I need to shape up my bum bum!!!

  • Phil Koehler

    I’m not sure I meant to scroll down this far on the page?

  • Marcos Prolo

    OH WOW!!! SOOOO COOL!!!!

  • Carrie

    I will take any great workout I can do at home!!

  • Diana Musial

    I freaking LOVE your blog, funny, refreshing AND helpful!!!

  • Sarah Braunsdorf

    Katie this looks awesome!! I already feel a difference being in your Coreplay class and I love it. Thanks so much

  • Lauren Styskal

    OMG Katie – I loved your entry and your review of the beautiful Fernanda’s Brazilain Booty. She’s hard to hate for that rockin body cuz she’s super sweet! I’ll check back soon for more of your reviews (love the way you write) and updates! thanks!

  • Heather Foxlee

    Hi Katie…I found you! Love the blog and hope to make it in to class soon. Will add you on FB if I can find you! Need your DVD as soon as it’s available… :)

  • Di

    …this is just what I need!!!!…now I have to order my missing remote so I can program my DVD to my T.V….motivation!

  • Fernanda Rocha

    thank you for your support Katie!! Your blog is fantastic… great job my friend!!

  • Cory

    Wait, I just finally got to read this, I missed the deadline!!

  • loans

    I want to thank the blogger very much not only for this post but also for his all previous efforts. I found to be very interesting. I will be coming back to for more information.


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