post holiday slump?

December 28th 2009

eggnog overdose?

christmas cookie cram?

ganache gorge?

indulge over the last week or so? who didn’t? whatever you do don’t beat yourself up for participating in life!! days like this when i’m returning back to work after imbibing and overeating i try not go the other extreme: fasting, detoxing, extra workouts, etc. i may feel better for a day or so, but eventually i burn out and compensate with an entire bakery. i’ve learned the best way to get on track is to eat when i’m hungry, what i’m hungry for, and follow my regular exercise routine. nothing extra, nothing extreme, nothing that makes me hesitant or dread addressing my health.

what are your tips for keeping on the health wagon?

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  • Kathy

    Thanks for the inspiration. I got back on the exercise wagon and hit the trail yesterday after reading your blog. Nothing too crazy as you suggested, but it did feel good to get back to my regular routine. Keep the advice coming!

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