The New Year is Approaching

December 22nd 2009

Wow! My first blog post?!? The New Year is approaching. That means the resolutions are in rough draft pencil form soon to be committed into finalized ink. Care to share yours with me? Any fitness or health related that I may be of assistance?

I’m ashamed to admit that every bloody year I have a recurring resolution: drink more water. Tis true. I’m terrible at consuming enough water. I even put the burden on my students in cycle class to remind me to drink with them.

As cute as my Sigg bottle looks, I still forget to drink!! It’s terrible too, because I sit up there, high on my horse, barking at my clients to “hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!” Yet when I fall into bed each night I’m as dehydrated as a raisin.

So here it is, I lay it out again in front of you faithful readers, my goal to drink more water. One of my New Year’s Resolution’s is to finish my Sigg bottle during cycle class.

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